Chez Aline

Restaurant Chez Aline in ParisChez Aline (Paris)

Le Fooding Guide’s 2013 Best sandwich shop 

In this former horse butcher’s shop with yellow tiling, Delphine Zampetti only needed to switch out the “v” in the “chevaline” sign with a “z” in order to read “Chez Aline,” where she now sells noontime sandwiches. Made in crispy bread from Lendemaine, the star baker in East Paris: veal milanaise with gribiche sauce, jambon de Paris with pesto and goat cheese, homemade terrine and pickles, Banka trout with cabbage and raw cream with dill, and almost always, the little leaf of crisp lettuce that goes so well with it all. Eaten sitting down on one of the four barstools at the counter, from little plastic baskets. Unless you’d rather have a salad, a cold plate or one of the homebody dishes of the day: caponata that you devour with your eyes, octopus-salicornia-cucumber or beet-raspberry salad (decidedly à la mode this year), pot-au-feu-style chicken salad, veal tongue with vinaigrette and spring onions, etc. For dessert, a formidable apple-rhubarb-strawberry crumble or a simple brownie. And to drink? Cheverny red and white from Puzelat (€4 a glass) and Patrick Font fruit juices (€2.50 to €4). Sandwiches €4.50 to €9, salads €19 to €48 a kilo, dish of the day €10-12, desserts €5. // A.A.

Getting there

Restaurant Chez Aline
85, rue de la Roquette
TEL: +33 1 43 71 90 75
Subway: Voltaire, Bastille, Bréguet - Sabin