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If you have any question about the app or if you need any help, please contact us here.

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PW – what?
PWA (for progressive web app) is a technology that enables a website to appear on your smartphone’s home screen in the same way as an app. In short, it’s got all the advantages of an app, without having to install or update it, and looks exactly like the website you know like the back of your hand. Awesome, right?

Guide and magazine

What are the criteria for being featured in Le Fooding guide?
That’s great if there’s a hand dryer in bathroom, but here at Le Fooding there’s no set recipe or groundless rating scale that’s out of touch with reality. What matters is that your place reflects the taste of the times – and has that mix of both “food” and “feeling”!

My restaurant has filament bulb lighting and a tapas-style small plate menu, what can I do to get in the guide?
Variant: I’m a press officer and my client’s restaurant isn’t featured on lefooding.com. Can I invite you to try out the restaurant?
Le Fooding is an independent guide, not only listing restaurants, but also bars, hotels, food stores and wine shops. We do not accept invitations and we do not write reviews on demand. However, if your establishment is worth the detour, there’s a good chance we’ll show up there (anonymously) one day.

I know a really good place in Pau, would you like to know where?
Yes! Le Fooding’s editorial team is made up of around sixty journalists with their finger on the pulse, who investigate throughout France, all year long. But nobody’s perfect… sometimes we may just miss an amazing spot, so don’t hesitate to hit us up with your recommendations by email at guide@lefooding.com.

Do you really pay the bill every time?
Yes. Every. Single. Time. And without exception. We even post the receipt on lefooding.com alongside each review. Did we mention we’re an independent guide?

I love food and I’m a pretty good sleuth. How can I become an eater/scout for Le Fooding?
So then, you want to be a Fooding journalist? Here’s what you’ve got to do.

I’ve got a topic that you’re going to want to put on the table. How do I go about writing an article for Le Fooding?
We’d like to hear from you, so pitch us your idea here. And that’s all there is to it! But before you do, grab a copy of our latest paper guide or check out the magazine section on our website, just to make sure we’re the right match.


I’d love to go to one of your shindigs! How do I find out what you’ve got cooking?
Our diary of events is an open book, simply check it out here. And if you want to make sure you don’t miss a crumb or miss out on our super cool events, simply sign up to our newsletter (only available in French).

I’m on the guestlist, but I’ve got a problem with my tickets.
Le Fooding will never leave you high and dry! Contact us here, and we’re sure to find a solution.


You’ve got two different newsletters. Why?
To eat, drink and reflect, we needed at least two! The free, classic Fooding newsletter is sent every Tuesday. It stops you from eating in circles with restaurants of the week, served on a platter with news, announcements and events that are (truly) not to be missed.

Our second, XXLuxe newsletter, Saucisse, Le Fooding Club, is available via a paid subscription. Every Thursday, subscribers receive a well-seasoned editorial from our editor-in-chief, Elisabeth Debourse, a pasta recipe to prepare pronto, a wine shop or sommelier’s recommendation, and a roundup of all the latest food news, all washed down with a little competition, so you don’t leave empty-handed. All that for a mere €5 per month.

Both are only available in French.


I hear you’ve (finally!) published a Belgium guide. Where can I find all those Belgian gems on your website?

Aaah, the smell of ink, the sound of pages being turned… Le Fooding Belgium guide currently only exists in paper version – but that’ll change come September! Buy a copy at our e-shop or at one of the points of sale listed here. Are you a glutton for megabytes? Sign up right here to find out when the online guide is going to drop!


I work for a brand. How can we cook up some visibility together in the guide or on lefooding.com, or get involved in an event?
Over to the biz’ team, who are all ears!


I’m a journalist and would like to grill a member of Le Fooding brigade. How do I submit a request?
For press inquiries, please contact lucie@lefooding.com. She’s the cherry on our PR cake.


Seriously, Le Fooding is the shizzle. How do I get a job or internship with you?
Our freshly baked job ads are published over at Welcome to the Jungle. Of course, you can also send us a speculative application in the hope of getting into in our good books.

If our gourmet FAQ tasting menu has still left you hungry with a question unanswered, simply write to us here – we won’t bite!

The new Le Fooding France Guide is available!

Inside the latest edition, discover our top 400 restaurants, bars, wine cellars, shops and hotels from all over France that’ll be the talk of the town in 2024. Anything else? Our 16-strong list of award winners you’ll not find anywhere else, and nine articles which shine a light on the taste of the times!

2021 Le Fooding guide frontcover

Le Fooding is a print and digital guide to all the restaurants, chefs, bars, stylish hotels and B&Bs that make up the “taste of the times,” plus an annual awards list for new establishments across France, a series of gastronomic events, a tool that allow you to make reservations at some fantastic bistros, and an agency specialized in event planning, content production and consulting… And after conquering France, Belgium is Le Fooding guide’s latest playground!

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