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Our best winter bars

Come in from the cold and warm up with our list of the five vibiest bars in Paris

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© Joann Pai

Trip carnigore, délire pompidolien, expérience tel-avivante… Pour déglacer vos soirées et braver les frimas, faites la tournée des cinq bars les plus atmosphériques de Paris !

Le plus gore

Under the four floors of Pink Mamma, there’s a stainless-steel meat locker where dozens of beef carcasses are being dry-aged, before getting thrown onto the grill. And at the back? A door with a “No Entry” sign on it… Read more.

Le plus mixomaniaque

At the back of La Mina, a dimly-lit little cellar hidden underneath the buzzing Carbon, Sébastian Gans (ex-Candelaria) and Thomas Girard (ex-Gravity Bar) have dedicated themselves to impressing their patrons… Read more.

Le plus vertigineux

On the second floor of the Maison de la Radio, the views of the Beaugrenelle skyline will take you on an unexpected trip through the 1960s, while Le Belair evokes a Pompidou airport lounge as you wait to board the Concorde, along with stewardesses dressed in Courrèges… Read more.

Le plus bar à délices

A colossal raw concrete bar that’s as long as a day without cocktails, an immense lacquered ox blood red table underneath a nebula of lightbulbs, a maze of Nordic-inspired aubergine benches designed by Lina Ghotmeh…. Taking up a whole wing of the Palais de Tokyo, the Quixotic Projects group (Candelaria, Hero…) is finally out of hiding.… Read more.

Le plus bordelicieux

Mazel tov! The foodosphere has been all abuzz since June 1st, 2017, because of the opening of this festive spot, located on the ground floor of the Hôtel Paris-Vendôme. Assaf Granit and Uni Navon have partnered up with the team from Experimental Cocktail Club, and our taste buds are reaping the benefits!… Read more.

Photo © Joann Pai

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