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And the best restaurants of the year are…

The best host, the best phở, the best village café… not to mention the best pick-me-up and finger-lickin’ good spots, Le Fooding’s crush of the year, and, most importantly, the very best restaurant of the year: on November 20th, across from the Louvre Pyramid at Café Marly, 16 far-from-ordinary establishments were celebrated at Le Fooding’s annual award ceremony and launch party for the 2024 edition of the Guide.

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Best feast: Le Cheval d’Or, Paris

© Louis Lepron

The best feast, the best team spirit, the best unidentified foodie object, the best one man chaud… So many qualities that can’t be brainstormed, calibrated or manufactured at will, all highlighted in the latest round of Fooding awards, which also reward sincerity. There was plenty of food and genuinely good vibes at this year’s flamboyant ceremony, hosted by David Castello-Lopes in the company of some very important diners fed by a handful of Fooding-favorite chefs – who took the night off from their posts at Yegg, Reyna, The Presbytère, Chéri Bibi, Maison Arlot Cheng, Le Doyenné, Ritournelle, Soces, Bistrot des Tournelles, L’Idéal, Frenchie…

Best restaurant: Palégrié chez l’Henri, Autrans-Méaudre-en-Vercors

Biggest crush: Manat, Perpignan

Best feast: Le Cheval d’Or, Paris

Best communal table: Atelier Renata, Marseille

Best one man chaud: Luke Dolphin at Pluviose, Saint-Jean-de-Luz

Best sophisticated bistro: Choral, Annecy

Best neo-auberge: Maison Ailhon, Ailhon

Best pick-me-up: Ripaille, Marseille

Best pick-me-up: Buttes, Paris

Best finger-lickin’ good spot: Razzia, Marseille

Best phở: Mắm From Hanoï, Paris

Best village café: Café Brochier, Saint-Julien-en-Vercors

Best team spirit: Datil, Paris

Best unidentified foodie object: Dada, Saint-Étienne

Best host: Mélisandre Malle at Selene, Granville

Best bar d’auteur: Kissproof, Paris

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The Belgium Guide 2024 is out of the oven!

Discover the latest selection of the Kingdom’s 350 best addresses (restaurants, bars, cellars, shops and bedrooms), an award’s list celebrating this year’s favorite spots, and a magazine section featuring « Belgium Underground » exploring the margins of the food world, its hidden stories and some of its most taboo subjects.

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