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The best cheese shops in Paris

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© Taka Vermo

Traditional camembert, flavor-packed wild garlic tomme, saint-marcellin seasoned with pine shoots, gruyère that’ll send you for a loop… Devour our selection of the best cheese shops in Paris!

Terroirs d’Avenir

On the romantic Rue du Nil, straight out of Midnight in Paris’s version of the Right Bank, you’ll find the best sourcer & distributor of high-quality fare in the city. Terroirs d’Avenir was founded by Samuel Nahon and Alexandre Drouard as more than just a simple concept. Reed more.

7, rue du Nil, Paris 2


Fill your basket with Portuguese Amarelo sheep’s milk cheese, the best cheddars from the US and the UK or a Danish gouda made with raw goat’s milk at this worldly cheese shop!Reed more.

30, boulevard Saint-Germain, Paris 5

Taka Vermo

Love, glory and cheese! Taka & Vermo was the final destination for couple Laure Takahashi and Mathieu Vermorel, who, after crisscrossing France and Europe for months hoping to strike gold, opened up their luminous cheese shop on Faubourg Saint-Denis. Reed more.

61, rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis, Paris 10

Fromagerie Goncourt

In 2013, ex-auditor Clément Brossault decided to switch careers and start working in the cheese world. After an extensive tour of France’s dairy producers, he opened a cheese shop! The lovely blue facade, accessorized with a bench for neighborhood regulars, emphasizes the friendly feel of this terroir-focused spot. Reed more.

1, rue Abel Rabaud, Paris 11


Could this be the perfect marriage of wine and cheese? To celebrate Ratafia’s nuptials, longtime friends Robin Madeline and Valentin François gave up their jobs as architects and consultants for a life of banon cheeses and other stinkers. Reed more.

5, rue Saint-Bernard, Paris 11


A top-notch wine aficionado in her effervescent Buvette, Camille Fourmont has transformed a former candy shop into a creamery, located just a stone’s throw from the Gare de Lyon train station. Reed more.

3, rue Michel Chasles, Paris 12

La Laiterie de La Chapelle

At this shop, they only sell what they produce themselves! After toiling for the Conseil National des Appellations d’Origine Laitières for seven years, Paul Zindy decided to open his own Parisian dairy factory. The shop’s window displays have people both young and old daydreaming, as all the secrets behind the cheesemaking process are revealed. Reed more.

72, rue Philippe de Girard, Paris 18

La Laiterie de Paris

It’s a little stinky on Rue des Poissonniers, but in a good way! Why, you ask? Because of the urban, eco-friendly creamery owned by Pierre Coulon, who, after having traveled around as a goat herder outside of Nantes, migrated towards the French capital. Reed more.

74, rue des Poissonniers, Paris 18


Looking for an authentic taste of Italy? Head to Honorati, where Adèle and Andrea Aversa import their passion for all things Italian via a panoply of carefully chosen produtti! In their village épicerie just a stone’s throw from the Parc des Buttes-Chaumont, almost everything comes from Puglia… Reed more.

7, rue Armand Carrel, Paris 19

Double Crème

After working as a journalist and at a culinary creative agency, Élise Flamant has now matured her life plan with this Pantin cheesemongers in shades of (double) cream, opened with her sidekick Emmanuelle Lefrançois (who’s also behind Fromagerie du Pré). Lire la suite.

31, rue Méhul, Pantin, France


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