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Auberge de Layotte

Restaurant Auberge de Layotte in TursacAuberge de Layotte (Tursac)

Régis Gagnadre has been singing his locavore tune for the last 22 years inside this green utopia. With a good dose of rustic common sense, he has adopted Lavoisier’s Law of “Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed” for his gigantic €35 menu. The day we went for lunch, a bottle of dandelion wine was set on the table like in Les Tontons Flingueurs, and then the feast began! Tomato soup flavored with a piece of ham fat and a slice of stale bread rubbed with garlic; melon and wild boar terrine; three duck drumsticks with porcini mushrooms; beef cheeks slow-cooked with Pécharmant and roasted potatoes; a plate of six cheeses that explore the French terroir (Saint-Nectaire, fourme d’Ambert, goat cheese log and camembert from Normandy, young Auvergne Cantal and Basque brebis), then a walnut cake made with… duck fat (!), washed down with some incredible homemade nectars – dandelion, green tomato, Norway spruce… And for all those who are really thirsty, in addition to a liter of self-serve Bergerac red wine, there are wines from neighbors at friendly prices: a white Bergerac from Les Jardins de Cyrano (€10 a bottle) or a Pécharmant from the Château de Tiregand (€15). Set menu €35. // A.Be. 

Getting there

Restaurant Auberge de Layotte
Auberge de Layotte
TEL: +33 5 53 06 95 91