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Cyprès Si Haut

Bed & breakfast Cyprès Si Haut in Saint-MexantCyprès Si Haut (Saint-Mexant)

CLOSED ANNUALLY: Open all year round

THE STORY: In the middle of a little forest at the end of the Corrézien village of Saint-Mexant, Dominique and Didier have constructed an “exceptional” cabin, for weekend Robinson Crusoe getaways. If your perched refuge smells sweetly of larch and Douglas fir, the lodgings are anything but rustic (equipped kitchen, wifi, queen-sized bed, Italian shower…) and the décor is clearly contemporary (modern suspension lamps and bedside tables, graphic wallpaper and quilts, AA canvas chairs…). The bay windows open directly onto the forest canopy, and the big loft is a thrill for the kids. Hunger pains? They’ll hoist up a basket with a complete 3-course meal (€35), or local charcuteries and cheeses (€25). But the real gem is the sumptuous terrace and its mini private spa: a built-in jacuzzi and a “tropical glass sauna” (a mix of a sauna and a steam bath, with a milder heat than a traditional sauna), where you can linger in perfect intimacy. Another option: massages with essential oils (€69 for an hour). Cabin starting at €230 a night for two. Bonus: the iPhone and Android app available to organize activities during the stay.

TOILETRIES: Little soaps, shower gel, shampoo and toothpaste.
INTERNET: Wifi (free).
BREAKFAST: Free, with local charcuteries and cheeses, viennoiseries, freshly pressed fruit juices, homemade yogurts, homemade cakes, homemade jam, fresh bread.
MINI-BAR: Sodas, fruit juices, beer, champagne and a biodynamic wine menu (Cahors, most notably) that they’ll deliver to you with a food basket (3-course meal).
LITTLE LUXURY: Leave the kids sleeping inside and take advantage of the jacuzzi in the middle of the night. The house provides you with candles, rose petals…and will even send you up a bottle of rosé champagne and a few other delicacies (€50).

Getting there

Bed & breakfast Cyprès Si Haut
15, rue du Fond Bourg
TEL: +33 5 55 29 41 21
MOBILE: +33 6 89 13 58 05