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Dining in or take-away? Discover the best sandwiches in Paris

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Croque monsieurs, paninis, banh mi, japanese sandwich, pastrami and grilled cheeses… Discover the best ‘dwich shops in Paris.

Caractère de Cochon

All parts of the pig are good – and as the happy owner of this charcuterie-obsessed joint since 2014, it’s not Solo Raveloson who’ll tell you otherwise! The shelves are lined with canned goods and condiments, while all kinds of cured meats fill the fridges, which you can take to go (by weight) or have made into a sandwich … Read more.

42, rue Charlot, Paris 5


To all the curious folk on Rue Rambuteau, a word to the wise: pay no mind to the annoying designation of “best deli in town” scrawled out on the façade, or the cold Calacatta marble countertop and neon lights that seem like they belong in a cheap clothing store … Read more.

13, rue Rambuteau, Paris 4


Banzai! Now you can get your hands on a sando in the most beautiful neighborhoods of Paris! Just pop into Benchy, the second spot from fashion designer and consultant Kaito Hori – the izakaya Sanjo is his as well … Read more.

50, rue du Cherche-Midi, Paris 6


Friends Hugo Blanchet (Marrow) and Hubert Aucher (Les Houblonneurs) teamed up to open this spot selling entirely homemade sandwiches, waiting to be devoured in the Saint-Lazare neighborhood. There, you’ll find minimalist decor (a bar, two small counters, white tones everywhere you look) and an incredibly simple concept: two sandwiches (one vegetarian and one pork option), a brownie, and that’s all folks … Read more.

41, rue de Londres, Paris 8

Norma Bakery

This isn’t (really) a bakery, nor is it a coffee shop either – as you won’t find people with a well-baked tradition baguette under their arm, nor anyone sitting there with a laptop and their sixth coffee on the go … Read more.

34, rue Notre Dame de Lorette, Paris 9


Yes, the name, French for “nutcase,” is a little irritating; sure, the neighborhood isn’t necessarily the most exciting one in Paris; but still, these sandwiches served on Rue Pigalle look more than decent … Read more.

5, rue Jean-Baptiste Pigalle, Paris 9

Mamiche Traiteur

It didn’t take long for Paris’ 10th arrondissement to turn sour(dough) on one of its favorite bakeries – and above all, to loaf its endless line. Spurred on, Cécile Khayat and Victoria Effantin redoubled their efforts to offer the neighborhood this supercharged deli … Read more.

19, rue Bouchardon, Paris 10

Michelle Mabelle

Not satisfied with simply charming foodies in the Colonel Fabien neighborhood with their cheeky restaurant Candide, Alessandro Candido and Camille Guillaud are now serenading crowds at Michelle Mabelle. Behind the romantic sky-blue facade, their adorable counter joint has everything you need to satisfy your daily cravings on the quick … Read more.

37, boulevard de la Villette, Paris 10

Plan D – Dwich & Glace

Comfortably tucked away behind their graph-paper tile facade, Alice Tuyet (ex-Patate podcaster) and Christian Story are challenging all your preconceived notions about vegetarian food with their veggie sandwiches … Lire la suite.

22, rue des Vinaigriers, Paris 10

Le Favori

In their tiny snack shop with a vintage look (pale green tiling, a retro facade, a real Mr. Freeze fridge), Charles, Kevin and Alexis serve sandwiches with tasty fillings from a numbered menu … Read more.

112, rue Saint-Maur, Paris 11

Project Sausage

Good morning, England! Following in the footsteps of Ten Belles, L’Entente and The Cambridge Public House, Project Sausage joins the cohort of British-Parisian spots … Read more.

57, rue du Chemin Vert, Paris 11


Could this be the perfect marriage of wine and cheese? To celebrate Ratafia’s nuptials, longtime friends Robin Madeline and Valentin François gave up their jobs as architects and consultants for a life of banon cheeses and other stinkers … Read more.

5, rue Saint-Bernard, Paris 11


A top-notch wine aficionado in her effervescent Buvette, Camille Fourmont has transformed a former candy shop into a creamery, located just a stone’s throw from the Gare de Lyon train station … Read more.

3, rue Michel Chasles, Paris 12

Coupi Bar

Back in the day, Stéphane Ung’s mother used to frequent this bistro/bar for scratch tickets, while construction workers would chew the fat over coffee. Now all that remains of those days is the broken mosaic tile floor. Recently renamed Coupi (“café” in the Teochew dialect), this neighborhood bar with lots of wood and recycled materials is now one of the biggest Asian street food institutions in Paris … Read more.

48, avenue de la Porte d’Ivry, Paris 13


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