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Chez Marie

Restaurant Chez Marie  in LinguizzettaChez Marie (Linguizzetta) - © Chez Marie

Tucked away on Corsica’s east coast, this gem somehow slipped under our radar… The place in question? A four-in-one inn composed of a tobacco shop, a hotel, a bar and a restaurant which Marie Orsini opened in 1967 and has since been taken over by her nephew, Pascal, in 2011 alongside chef Sergio Risdonne (ex-Ze Kitchen Galerie in Paris). The latter sends out well practiced Italian treats, which you can savor in the ‘60s-era dining room (tomette tile floors, an old pistachio-colored bar, tassel light fixtures) or on the terrace. Our lunch the other day: a perfect bresaola carpaccio; a bright Borlotti bean and arugula salad; creamy buffalo mozzarella enveloped in a cucumber gazpacho; excellent linguine with palourde clams; a gigantic organic veal chop served medium rare with thick-cut homemade fries; before opting for an amazing chocolate lava cake paired with a clever mix of chili and amaretto, and a crème anglaise, rather than one of the Italian classics (tiramisu, panna cotta). // G.LeP.

FEELING THIRSTY? The region’s best wines: B.G., a white from Antoine Arena (€6 a glass), Sempre Cutentu, a red from the Domaine Giacometti (€32 a bottle), a Génovèse from Le Clos Fornelli (€37)…

PRICE: À la carte €31-63.

Getting there

Restaurant Chez Marie
Bravone RT 10
TEL: +33 4 95 38 81 85