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La Dilettante

Restaurant La Dilettante in BeauneLa Dilettante (Beaune) - © La Dilettante

While the faubourg may be pretty gloomy, La Dilettante really fires things up! With its old-fashioned lettering on the façade, brick walls and vineyard posters, this wine bar – opened in 2013 by Laurent Brelin and his wife Rika – keeps things going until you’re no longer thirsty! On the menu? Incredible homemade charcuterie (country terrine for €11, terrine persillé for €12), gigantic croque monsieur sandwiches (€12), and a few stylish canned goods which you can polish off in house, like the smoked anchovies from Nardín (€12), and even a dish of the day! The day we went for lunch: roasted loin of suckling pig from La Ferme des Petits Bois, served with rich mashed potatoes, organic salad and crisp kale (€16). There’s plenty to back up these well-chosen wines: a Bourgogne-Aligoté from the Domaine Chevrot (€6 a glass), a Bourgogne red from the Domaine Régis Rossignol-Changarnier (€9), a Mâcon-Loché from the Domaine Céline et Laurent Tripoz (€31 a bottle), or a Savigny-Lès-Beaune from the Domaine Tollot-Beaut (€59). Plates €7-16, dish of the day €16, desserts €5. // D.C. 

Getting there

Restaurant La Dilettante
11, rue du Faubourg-Bretonnière
TEL: +33 3 80 21 48 59