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Épicerie Nouvelle Vague (Bordeaux)

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Are you familiar with the Bordeaux Sardine Club? It’s a very serious affair for collectors of fancy sardine tins. Its treasurer and co-founder, Paulo Cardoso, is also the co-owner (with Thomas Feyrignanc) of this fish shop / épicerie / museum. In a space where tinned seafood lines the walls, you’ll find top-quality tuna and sardine preserves spaced out alongside other unexpected fishy finds: mackerel, garfish, skate… They cast a wide net! In addition to regional products, you can travel across Europe by passing through Brittany (sardines from Quiberon spiced with Cuban chilies, €7.90 for 250 g), Spain (Galician octopus, €14 for 400 g), Italy (anchovy fillets with parsley, €12 for 300 g), Denmark, England, and best of all, Portugal, the country where Paulo was born, and where you can grab some incredible tuna (Bonito tuna belly preserved in olive oil, €12 a tin). Before leaving, ask for your Bordeaux Sardine Club tee-shirt, a unique collector’s item! // Albert Gredinbar 

The hidden gem: Traveling is great, but don’t forget about the local specialty: Bordeaux-style lamprey, marinated with shallots, spices, leeks and red wine (€34 for 400 g). 

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