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Château de Sibra

Bed & breakfast Château de Sibra in LagardeChâteau de Sibra (Lagarde) - © Stoeh Gruenig

NUMBER OF ROOMS: 5 bedrooms and 3 apartments

CLOSED ANNUALLY: Open all year round

THE STORY: Once upon a time, surrounded by an immense English garden deep in the Cathar region of the Pyrenees, there was a sleeping beauty of a castle. Awoken by Sibylle Thomke (a former architect at SPAX in Biel, Switzerland) after three long years of restorations, this 19th-century château is now a fairy tale that you can experience in augmented reality! Surrounded by a sublime estate filled with plants from around the globe and a lake bathed in romanticism, the Château de Sibra offers up a variety of sleeping arrangements for all different kinds of adventures: choose between the old farmhouse, where the beautiful granaries and stables have been transformed into three spacious and comfortable apartments (blonde wood, rugs, modern furniture); or the main building, which now houses five high-ceilinged bedrooms, with hardwood floors, stucco crown moldings and old tapestries mixed in with contemporary furniture. What’s more, the space proudly boasts its ecological principles, with a permaculture vegetable patch and free-range hens… In short, come for a taste of castle living updated to reflect modern tastes! Double rooms starting at €190 a night.

TOILETRIES: Berthe Guilhème shampoo, bars of goat’s milk hand soap, old-fashioned olive and verbena liquid body soap; plus a bamboo toothbrush, toothpaste tablets, linen and cork slippers, wooden cotton buds and cotton pads – all of which is eco-friendly and compostable!


BREAKFAST: Included as part of the package for the bedrooms at the Château, and €15 for the bedrooms located in the Maison Métayer and in the apartments. Breakfast includes coffee or tea; homemade sourdough bread made using heirloom flour from the Ferme de Plajoulet; eggs from the coop upon request; croissant and baguette from the nearby baker; honey from the region; homemade jams and granola; local cheeses and yogurt; fresh fruit and fruit juices…

LITTLE LUXURY: The sheer size of the estate, which enjoys nearly 5,000 m2 of space for each of its guests!

Getting there

Bed & breakfast Château de Sibra
Château de Sibra
TEL: Tél. : +33 7 87 96 89 42