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Loire Valley Lodges

Bed & breakfast Loire Valley Lodges in Esvres-sur-IndreLoire Valley Lodges (Esvres-sur-Indre) - © Loire Valley Lodge

NUMBER OF ROOMS: 18 lodges for 2 people

CLOSED ANNUALLY: Open all year round

THE STORY: After a very full life in communications in Paris, Anne-Caroline Frey decided to get back in touch with nature by building twenty-some cabins perched up in the trees of a 300-hectare forest in the Loire Valley. 35 m2 cubes endowed with huge bay windows, king sized beds, walk-in showers, open terraces and private jacuzzis. It’s all brought to life by contemporary artists chosen by Anne-Caroline, including Jacques Bosser, Aurel, Cédric Marsillac… Lodges starting at €270 a night.

TOILETRIES: Le Labo body wash and shampoo.

INTERNET: No. Take a digital detox!

BREAKFAST: Included, served in a basket that’s placed in front of your door every morning, with Alain Milliat fruit juices, viennoiseries, muesli, fresh fruit, farm fresh yogurt… (coffee and tea are available in all of the lodges).

LITTLE LUXURY: A message in your lodge with essential oils made from the surrounding trees.

Getting there

Bed & breakfast Loire Valley Lodges
La Duporterie
TEL: +33 2 47 38 85 88