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Pella Roca, Cabane & Spa

Bed & breakfast Pella Roca, Cabane & Spa in Labastide-de-PennePella Roca, Cabane & Spa (Labastide-de-Penne) - Gonzalo Botet

NUMBER OF ROOMS: 3 cabins, including one for families (accommodates 4)
CLOSED ANNUALLY: Open all year round

THE STORY: Isabelle and Maxime swapped their day jobs (event production for her, tech for him) for checkered shirts and chainsaws, in order to create their small ecological paradise in Quercy, on a 9-hectare truffle estate. With invaluable help from local artisans, they patiently built two mounted cabins with Nordic influences and breathtaking views of the Causses limestone plateaus. And they were careful not to omit any of the little details that are sure to delight lovers of Scandinavian idleness: an outdoor hot tub; a private sauna; a wood-burning stove for chilly days; a private spa and meals delivered in picnic baskets (breakfast, dinner, brunch). New in 2018: the Tropicabana, with an all white, tropical vibe. Cabins for two starting at €200 a night.

TOILETRIES: 2-in-1 shampoo and body gel, olive oil soap.
INTERNET: No. It’s detox time…
BREAKFAST: A basket filled with coffee or tea, viennoiseries, wholegrain breads, homemade jams, artisanal sheep’s milk yogurts, local charcuteries and cheeses, homemade muesli, fruit skewers and freshly squeezed orange juice is left at the foot of your cabin every morning.
MINI-BAR: Local wines, liquors, fruit juices, beers, plus a courtesy platter to prepare your coffee or tea is provided in every room.
LITTLE LUXURY: The private Nordic bath, heated with a wood fire to 38°, perfect for savoring the silence of the great outdoors. 

Getting there

Bed & breakfast Pella Roca, Cabane & Spa
Lieu-dit Limougne
MOBILE: +33 9 54 46 28 28