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Hôtel Quatorze

Hotel Hôtel Quatorze in ColmarHôtel Quatorze (Colmar)

NUMBER OF ROOMS: 14 rooms including 3 suites
CLOSED ANNUALLY: Open all year round

THE STORY: In the middle of so many timbered houses, you wanted a real boutique hotel, and here it is, with clean, sleek design. The furniture is modern, the walls are graphic but not overdone, and the attention paid to little details is admirable (ah! Aesop….). A perfect stop for the contemporary woman and modern man. Rooms from €130 to €360.

TOILETRIES: Aesop (soap, shampoo, body lotion).
SPA: Hammam, sauna, Ayurvedic massages (€60 for a half an hour, €95 for an hour).
INTERNET: Wifi (free).
BREAKFAST: €18, all organic, freshly squeezed orange juice, eggs, bacon.
ROOM SERVICE: Mineral water, coffee, Deutz champagne, sparkling wine from Alsace, Alain Milliat fruit juices, Redbull, Coca Cola, Schweppes Agrum’, Vitamin Well water, Nespresso machines in the rooms, Illy coffee machine and beer on tap in one of the suites.
LITTLE LUXURY: A mini concept store carrying Aesop skin care products, Kreafunk headsets and Inouitoosh scarves.

Getting there

Hotel Hôtel Quatorze
14, rue des Augustins
TEL: +33 3 89 20 45 20