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Les Maisons de Campagne

Hotel Les Maisons de Campagne in Villiers-le-MahieuLes Maisons de Campagne (Villiers-le-Mahieu) - Karel Balas


CLOSED ANNUALLY: Open all year round

THE STORY: After camping out La Folie Douce in Chamonix, the Hôtels Particuliers group is setting up its Maisons de Campagne in a 21-hectare park located 30 minutes outside of Paris. The concept? A vacation resort that offers up all the comfort and charm of a second home, with none of the constraints. In a 17th-century chateau and its accompanying buildings, you’ll find lounges, dining rooms, bars, and terraces a gogo, plus 98 bedrooms starting at €169 per adult and €89 per child (4-12 years old) for a 24-hour time period (starting at €329 and €169 for a 48-hour time period). Choose from lots of all-inclusive options: meals, snacks, apéro (on the village square!), golf, tennis, ping-pong, volleyball, biking, swimming, badminton and cinema are all available to guests!

TOILETRIES: Nuxe soap, body wash and shampoo.

INTERNET: Wifi (free).

BREAKFAST: Included, with coffee or tea, breads, viennoiseries, waffles, fresh fruit, fruit juices, muesli and homemade granola bars, scrambled eggs…

LITTLE LUXURY: The outdoor pool, that’s heated in the summer.

Getting there

Hotel Les Maisons de Campagne
Rue du Centre
TEL: +(33) 1 34 87 44 25