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The best natural wine bars in Paris

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Chenin from the Loire, fruity gamays, full-bodies syrahs, round sauvignons… Discover our favorite wine shops and bars in Paris for a late-afternoon drink or to take home a bottle of funky wine.


In need of wine after the daily grind? Get your glasses at the ready, for Louis Goument and Olivier Chalifour (the former did time at Septime, the latter at Brutos) always have the corkscrew on the go at their discreet bar in the Montorgueil neighborhood… See more.

8, rue Mandar, Paris 2

Le Dénicheur

Calek, Carmarans, Oustric, Tortul… The crème de la crème of natural wine all seem to have found their way to this tiny tavern (multicolored mosaic floors, burgundy red banquettes) tucked away near the hyperactive Rue Saint-Denis … See more.

4, rue Tiquetonne, Paris 2


Billili has been sillily making us trip over our tongues since 2018. The fault lies with Thomas Brachet and Tristan Renoux, the two clowns behind Les Arlots, who came up with the name for their outstanding second restaurant (stone walls, wood floors, shelves full of tantalizing wines) by combining their children’s first names… See more.

136, rue du Faubourg Poissonnière, Paris 10

Element Terre

Element Terre, my dear Watson! Thus began the natural adventure of Edip “Sherlock” Bolatoglu and doctor Henri Guillaume, two partners in crime whose friendship was cemented in the best kebab shop in the 10th arrondissement of Paris … See more.

32, rue d’Hauteville, Paris 10

Le Verre Volé

What hasn’t already been written about the legendary Verre Volé, one of the very first cave à manger, run by Cyril Bordarier and Thomas Vincente for almost 20 years now? Featured in the pantheon of cool, international city guides, this Rue de Lancry mainstay (mismatched tables and chairs, shelves filled to the brim with bottles of wine) continues drawing in loyal customers with its highly natural wines and well-crafted eats … See more.

67, rue de Lancry, Paris 10

Les Oeillets

Did Paris’s 11th arrondissement really need another natural wine bar? The answer to that query can be found on the empty plate wiped sparkling clean by yours truly at this dapper dive, complete with broken tile floors, pine green banquette seating and an ornate mirror … See more.

137, rue de Saint-Maur, Paris 11

Septime La Cave

A waiting room for passengers with a ticket to Clamato, or the final destination for seasoned apéro aficionados, Bertrand Grébaut and Théophile Pourriat’s tiny wine shop & bar combines well-sourced tapas with wines that are about as natural as they come … See more.

3, rue Basfroi, Paris 11

Ici Même

From the art world to the wine world! This is the story of three friends from very different backgrounds: Claire Aimonier, an art dealer, Bertrand Deniau, a plumber, and Claude Legrand, a political science graduate, who decided to start an art gallery with a little apéro corner back in 2014 … See more.

68, rue de Charenton, Paris 12

Les Caves de Prague

Founded in 2010 by Alexandre Frezouls, who inherited his family’s winery Enclos de la Croix, this well-designed wine shop already had a reputation for its cutting-edge selection… and for its bright purple storefront … See more.

8, rue de Prague, Paris 12


After a trippy neo-tavern and a pasta factory, the extravagant Giovanni Passerini (winner of Le Fooding’s Best Chef of 2017 award) is tripling down on Rue Traversière with a wine bar named after an Italian grape variety … See more.

44, rue Traversière, Paris 12

Pur Vin

Back from their wine-motivated tour of France, Derick Rocha (ex-Septime and Dilia) and his friend Étienne Aubron brought a naturalist wine shop in the QuizeVingts neighborhood to life in October of 2021. What should you expect? Rock walls, beautiful wood details, and a terroir-centric ambiance where wine barrels act as tables and invite you to stand around them, a glass in hand and olives on your tongue … See more.

3, rue Antoine Vollon, Paris 12

Les Jajas de Juju

Exhibitionist alert: natural wines have been spotted baring it all in Paris’ 15th arrondissement! Since July 2021, this wine bar/shop run by Julien Métias (ex-Vivs Vivants in Le Mans) has been putting on a show in a neighborhood that’s been deprived of pure nectars for far too long … See more.

346, rue Lecourbe, Paris 15

Vertical Bar

Arthur Chiapello, the co-founder of Massale and Aglio e Olio in East Paris, is shaking things up by converting wine lovers in the Grenelle neighborhood of Paris to the concept of naturalism … See more.

102, rue du Théâtre, Paris 15


Watch out, the Gorilla has its mitts on the wine! Owners of the fabulous bistro Gorille on Rue des Dames, chef Marc Cordonnier and sommelier Louis Langevin have expanded their personal savannah with this wine shop with pale green walls and a chestnut wood standing table … See more.

66, rue des Dames, Paris 17

Les Vins du Matin

After working as distributors and agents for natural winemakers (Farid Yahimi, Vanessa Letort, Adrien Delval, etc.), night owls Julien Mercier and Aurélien Salomé embarked on an early morning adventure on Rue Riquet, transforming their wine storage space into a lovely little neighborhood café … See more.

73, rue Riquet, Paris 18

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