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Chez Bruno

Restaurant Chez Bruno in DijonChez Bruno (Dijon)

You’ll be sure to get your fill of pork at Chez Bruno! With a pink apron tied around his waist and standing behind the roughly cut bar, the eponymous owner thinly slices ham right before your very eyes. You’ll also find him sending out platters of Aubrac rosette, Maison Conquet terrines or Basque Mayté pâté, while teaching you the best way to spread rillettes or telling you about the white pigs he raises in the Aveyron department. As for the cheeses, the owner also has some strong arguments working in his favor: plump buffalo mozzarella, Grand Aubrac laguiole, farm-fresh morbier, fruity Comté, etc. // A.D.

FEELING THIRSTY? Dozens of natural references that are practically written out in braille on the big blackboard menus: Raisins Gaulois, a Gamay from Lapierre (€4.50 a glass); a Gaillac Mauzac from Plageoles (€5); Poignée de Raisins, a Côtes-du-Rhône from the Domaine Gramenon (€27 a bottle)…

PRICE: Platters €16-20, canned goods €10-20.

Getting there

Restaurant Chez Bruno
80, rue Jean-Jacques-Rousseau
TEL: +33 3 80 66 12 33