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La Marmite

After moving 80 meters from its historic first location, Georges Weill’s atmospheric bodega now spices things up in a space with old arched ceilings, an XXL metal bar and poppy red benches. But the house’s trademark bouchon style hasn’t changed – the owner is from Lyon after all… Snatched up off the menu (€25) one night when we were feeling famished: beautiful sardines stuffed with fresh herbs (parsley, tarragon, mint), hazelnuts and pine nuts (€10); a trio of eggs mimosa with tuna, zucchini and ripe yellow tomatoes (€8); Lyonnaise sautéed tripe salad (€11); a proud cod steak cooked in olive oil and masked with a carrot, tomato and zucchini brunoise, plus a bowl of homemade fries (€17); before a very fresh red berry and verbena panna cotta (€5), To drink, you’ll find all the big local names of natural wine in the refrigerated case at the entrance: Anathème, a Languedoc red from Thierry Forestier (€4 a glass), Goéland, a Sauvignon blanc from Valentin Valles (€24 a bottle), Galéjade, a summer rosé from Alain Allier (€19). Menus €15 (lunch) and €25 (dinner), à la carte €30-33. // D.N. 

Getting there

Restaurant La Marmite
13, rue de l'Agau
TEL: +33 4 66 29 98 23