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La Marmite

As a shout out to the Roman years when Nîmes was still a prominent city on the world map, Georges Weill has been pampering taste buds for around 15 years just a few sandaled steps away from Antonin Square. In this vaulted lair with a loooong bar, timeworn banquettes and zinc tables, this Lyon-native has wound up winning over even the most pretentious palates with his straight-forward market cuisine that’s sourced from the nearby covered market. The other day at lunch the unbeatable €15 menu featured: a juicy tomato salad with a round of buffalo mozzarella and black grapes; extra-tender pork tenderloin that was still pink in the center, plus mashed potatoes just like mom used to make, onions, scallions and a wholegrain mustard sauce; before a comforting chocolate lava cake. // Thibault Marmillot

FEELING THIRSTY? Grab something directly from the refrigerated wine collection near the entrance, with 170 references of a beautiful nature: a Gard white from Alain Allier (€4 a glass), a Costières-de-Nîmes rosé from Brice Bolognini and Eric Pfifferling (€28 a bottle), a Saint-Émilion from the Château Le Puy (€36)…

PRICE: Menu €15 (lunch), menu-carte €25 (dinner).

Getting there

Restaurant La Marmite
13, rue de l'Agau
TEL: +33 4 66 29 98 23