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Domaine Sainte-Colombe

Hotel Domaine Sainte-Colombe in Saint-GillesDomaine Sainte-Colombe (Saint-Gilles)

NUMBER OF ROOMS: Two mas farmhouses (12 guests), four cabin lodges (four guests)
CLOSED ANNUALLY: Open all year round

THE STORY: Jean-Claude Mirabel brought an old dream of his to life on a private 120-hectare estate, located in the petite Camargue region: opening an atypical hotel with rural luxuries, where you can coexist with nature. Over the course of three years, he transformed a former sheepfold into a family residence and a presbytery into a six-room hotel, renovated a typical mas farmhouse that’s perfect for big get-togethers, and built cabin lodges atop a hill, with exceptional views of the vineyards, the pine grove and, even further out, the Mediterranean! Old stones, natural tones, whitewashed walls, the song of the cicadas, the typical scents of the scrubland, sources of running water… You’d almost think you were in a Marcel Pagnol novel, but with added comfort! Starting at €190 a night for 2 people in the mas farmhouse (that accommodates 12) and €180 a night for the cabin lodges (4 people). There’s a private pool for those staying in the farmhouse and the villa, and a shared pool for those staying in the lodges.

TOILETRIES: Organic soap, shampoo, shower gel, body lotion.
INTERNET: Wifi (free).
BREAKFAST: €15, served in the different accommodations, or in the restaurant, with coffee, tea, viennoiseries, tartines, jams, freshly made fruit juices, seasonal fruits, cheese, yogurt and eggs upon request.
MINI-BAR: Yes, with Champagne, wine, sodas, beer and fruit juice. Each lodging also has a Nespresso machine.
LITTLE LUXURY: Explore the natural landscape while riding one of the 26 Appaloosa or Camargue horses that are raised on the estate.

Getting there

Hotel Domaine Sainte-Colombe
9001, route de Générac
TEL: +33 4 66 81 81 81