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Le Cadoret

Restaurant Le Cadoret in ParisLe Cadoret (Paris) - © Aïtor Alfonso

Biggest crush of 2019

Who says you can’t sausage around when it comes to love? Certainly not the Fleuriot children – Léa and Louis – who infuse their rich boudin noir terrine with plenty of it, dotted with crumbled pâté de tête…. It’s an incredible little dish that sets the tone for lunch at Le Cadoret, a bistro with a wall of mirrors, terrazzo floors, a cheeky Parisian feel and a menu that appeals to stomachs from all over. The day we went, for €19.50: in addition to the incredible homemade boudin, we unearthed an appetizer of raw and cooked Fauvist cubed beets, brought to life by pickled onions and sour faisselle cheese with herbs. Before a steak that was charred on the outside yet still bloody on the inside, backed up by a barricade of fat fries served with an addictive béarnaise sauce. 40 minutes of bliss that culminated in a beautiful slice of brilliantly domestic crème caramel. At night, the cuisine really flexes its muscles with dishes like blanquette de veau and skate à la grenobloise, but you can also nibble on retro-foodie classics at the bar, like ham and cheese croissants! Meanwhile, the wine collection takes an unindustrialized stance: a rustic Syrah from the Domaine Lattard in the Drôme (€4 a glass), a feisty Riesling from the Domaine Geschikt (€33 a bottle) or beer from the secretive Mobsby’s brewery (€9.50 for 500 ml). Set menu options €16.50 and €19.50 (lunch), plates €7-22 (dinner). // A.A.

Getting there

Restaurant Le Cadoret
1, rue Pradier
TEL: + 33 1 53 21 92 13
Subway: Pyrénées, Buttes Chaumont