Pitasserie Bakery (Brussels)

© Michael Ferire

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Pâti-who? Pita-what? In addition to his sugar bomb factory, Greek pastry chef Nikolas Koulepis has gotten out the big savory guns on Rue du Page, in this Pitasserie that’s no wider than a trench during wartime. What should you expect? Spanakopita (a sort of pie made with filo dough instead of pastry dough) and tyropita (the same thing but made with flaky pastry dough) to keep you stuffed. We filled our shopping tote up to the brim, and then warmed up the following for ten minutes each at 120°C: a beautiful beef and mint turnover; a (perfectly) classic spinach and feta spanakopita; and a less impressive olive cake. Sadly though, there are no Greek salads on the horizon to refresh the palate… // Rosa Poulsard

The hidden gem: A plump tyropita stuffed with feta and yogurt (€5 a piece).

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