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La Colonie

Bed & breakfast La Colonie in AubracLa Colonie (Aubrac)

NUMBER OF ROOMS: 5 rooms, 2 apartments for 4 people
CLOSED ANNUALLY: Open all year round

THE STORY: Cyril Lérisse has traveled, a lot, and opened things up more or less everywhere: in Paris, he has a bar at Bastille and a restaurant near Aligre, something in New York, another place in California…. One day, someone told him “if you like Scotland, wait until you see the Aubrac,” and a few months later he had moved there. After three years of renovations, in the old buildings of a former summer camp on a 1,500 square meter estate, you will feel like you’re witnessing a miracle as the pilgrims from Compostela pass by his door, or more miraculous still, we’re there with them! Rooms from €79 to €115, 2 apartments at €195 for four people.

TOILETRIES: Soap and shampoo.
INTERNET: Wifi (free).
BREAKFAST: Included, with bread, jam, honey, cheese, charcuterie and yogurt - 80% organic.
LITTLE LUXURY: Photography exhibitions, tastings of the Chauvet de Tours family champagne, and for some of the rooms, the joys of a shared bathroom.

Getting there

Bed & breakfast La Colonie
TEL: +33 5 65 51 64 79