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Le Refuge de Solaise

Hotel Le Refuge de Solaise in Val-d'IsèreLe Refuge de Solaise (Val-d'Isère) - © Le Refuge de Solaise

NUMBER OF ROOMS: 16 rooms, 4 apartments and a dormitory with 14 beds
CLOSED ANNUALLY: From May 3rd to November 29th

THE STORY: High up in Val d’Isère, after 74 years of good loyal service, the Solaise cable car station died in 2015, before Jean-Claude Borel and Jean-Charles Covarel turned it into the highest hotel in France, at 2,551 meters above sea level! Accessible by ski or cable car, this neo-Alpine refuge with plenty of stone and wood is something of a Swiss army knife! There are sixteen bedrooms, four apartments, a dormitory and everything you could need for a self-sufficient stay once the ski lifts shut down for the night: restaurants, cocktail bars, a pool, a spa, a library, a private movie theater, a fitness center and even a kid’s space… All with incredible views of the Haute Tarentaise massif. Rooms starting at €300 a night, dormitory starting at €100, apartments starting at €714.

TOILETRIES: Body wash, shampoo and face cream made with Uriage spring water.
INTERNET: Wifi (free).
BREAKFAST: A buffet (€20) with coffee, tea, freshly squeezed orange juice, bread, jams, viennoiseries, cereals, dried fruits and fruit salad, eggs, cheese, charctuerie…
MINI-BAR: Coffee and teas provided free of charge (there’s a Nespresso machine and electric teapot available in every room). Otherwise, for an extra fee: flat or sparkling water, sodas and fruit juices.
LITTLE LUXURY: The bay windows in the top bedrooms and the three biggest apartments, which give you a Panavision view of the sunset from your bed!

Getting there

Hotel Le Refuge de Solaise
Sommet de Solaise
TEL: +33 4 58 83 00 90