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Sinner Paris

Hotel Sinner Paris in ParisSinner Paris (Paris)

NUMBER OF ROOMS: 43 rooms and 1 suite
CLOSED ANNUALLY: Open all year round

THE STORY: With its black façade flanked by an enigmatic neon red, you’d almost think you were at the entrance to a club on the Lower East Side or a modern brothel in the red-light district. And yet Evok group, who already own the spectacular Brach, opened up Sinner in the heart of the Marais neighborhood. The idea? To shake up the codes and titillate taboos. Designed by Tristan Auer, the daring décor goes for a shocking sense of the monastic (church door knockers, a confessional booth, stained glass, candles) in the common spaces, where a turbid (clouds of incense) and ultra-muffled ambiance reigns. Less moody, the holy beds in the luminous bedrooms are full of delicate touches: from a clever vinyl selection curated by Fred Viktor, to cheeky details (whips, intimate hygiene products, poppers) for intimate confessions. Double rooms starting at €400 a night.

TOILETRIES: Soap, body wash and shampoo by Evok, the house brand.
INTERNET: Wifi (free).
BREAKFAST: €25, with coffee or tea, homemade bread and viennoiseries, jams, fresh fruit juices, yogurts, organic eggs…
LITTLE LUXURY: The co-ed pool in the spa, inspired by Roman baths.

Getting there

Hotel Sinner Paris
116, rue du Temple
TEL: +33 1 42 72 20 00