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Aux Deux Amis

Restaurant Aux Deux Amis in ParisAux Deux Amis (Paris)

Les Deux Amis are the amis of your amis. Want proof? Come apéro hour, just look at the smiling crowds who file into David Loyola’s wonderful little dive, hanging out at the bar, on the terrace or seated around Formica tables. The reason for such fascination? All the (male and female) beauties squeezed in at such close proximity? The flavor bombs on the tapas plates? It’s a subtle mix of the two… On the first night of summer, we ate: generous mozzarella drizzled in olive oil (€9); high-flying homemade pâté en croûte (€10); incredible hummus with sweet garlic and olives (€7.50); delicious hake killed ikejime-style, encircled by roasted eggplant (€10); pork cheek ragout with chanterelle mushrooms (€11); before and olive oil ganache pimped out with apricots and cherries for dessert (€6). To drink, natural wines fill the glasses, naturally: a Mâcon-Villages from the Domaine de la Cadette (€6 a glass), a Loire red from Benoît Courault (€32 a bottle) or a fantastic Haut-Savoyard white from Jean-Yves Peron (€45 a bottle). Plates €6-12. // O.J. 

Getting there

Restaurant Aux Deux Amis
45, rue Oberkampf
TEL: +33 1 58 30 38 13
Subway: Parmentier