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Double Dragon

Restaurant Double Dragon in ParisDouble Dragon (Paris) - © Arnaud Sommier

Katia and Tatiana Levha, Le Guide Fooding 2019’s Women of the year

A neon retro-futurist feel, silkscreen prints by Yue Wu, unfinished walls, tables with patina… Welcome to Double Dragon, the latest cool joint from the talented Levha sisters (who also run Le Servan). Inside, you’ll find chef Antoine Villard (ex-Septime) sending out pan-Asian-inspired flavor bombs, made to be devoured with chopsticks while eyeing the laid-back staff’s Hawaiian shirts. The night we went, our winning combo was: juicy cucumbers marinated in miso; plump longaniza (spicy sausages) with sriracha dipping sauce; fiery chicken wings; tender beef cheeks with comforting crispy rice and delicious bittersweet eggplant; before a salted caramel ice cream with meringue, tamarind caramel and cashews for dessert, or a three-treasure ice cream coupe featuring spicy strawberry sorbet! // T.V.X.

FEELING THIRSTY? Naturophile wines: a Loire white from Alexandre Bain (€7 a glass), a Provençal red from Château Revelette (€36 a bottle), a Sicilian white from Arianna Occhipinti (€42)…

PRICE: Appetizers €6-17, mains €8-18, sides €3-12, desserts €7 to €7.50. 

Getting there

Restaurant Double Dragon
52, rue Saint-Maur
TEL: +33 1 71 32 41 95
Subway: Saint-Ambroise, Rue Saint-Maur