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Double Dragon

Restaurant Double Dragon in ParisDouble Dragon (Paris) - © Arnaud Sommier

Who will put an end to the tyranny of the Black Shadows? It won’t be Billy or Jimmy, the heroes of the legendary video game Double Dragon, but sisters Katia and Tatiana Levha! In this cool café (unfinished walls, screenprints by Yue Wu, neon lights, a ‘90s hip-hop playlist) located near their wonderful restaurant Le Servan, chef Victoria Nabi (who used to work at the motherhouse) stitches together some small Asian flavor bombs. The night we went, we had an incredible fried bao bun stuffed with Comté and served with an XO mayonnaise; delicate fried chicken wings with a stunningly spicy sweet and sour dipping sauce; cheeky eggplant sautéed in the wok; before a muscovado sugar brownie spruced up with an amazing toasted rice ice cream that’ll really knock out any opponents. FYI: when they’re busy, put your name of the waitlist to avoid standing in line. // Thomas Kanza

FEELING THIRSTY? A homemade hibiscus herbal tea the day we went (€4.50 for a carafe) and natural wines: Une Tranche Sudiste, a Rhone from Denis Tardieu (€6 a glass), a Provencal red from the Château Revelette (€36 a bottle), Le Dragon, an Alsatian Riesling from the Domaine Josmeyer (€52)…

PRICE: Appetizers €5-12, mains €12-27, sides €3-12, desserts €5-11.

Getting there

Restaurant Double Dragon
52, rue Saint-Maur
TEL: +33 1 71 32 41 95
Subway: Saint-Ambroise, Rue Saint-Maur