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Froggy's Tavern

Restaurant Froggy's Tavern in Montreuil-sur-MerFroggy's Tavern (Montreuil-sur-Mer)

Alexandre Gauthier, Le Guide Fooding’s 2016 Man of the Year

Alexandre Gauthier (La Grenouillère) has been playing with his sidekick William Elliot (Le Westminster in Le Touquet) in this former farming cooperative turned rotisserie for the past 11 years. Tucked away at the back of a charming cobblestoned courtyard, the all brick, wood and fire Froggy’s Tavern makes a few concessions to its motherhouse, La Grenouillère, while treating guests to highly flammable menus. The day we went for lunch, we had a gigantic slice of bone marrow – or an œuf parfait paired with a crushed tomato and citrus sauce; then some huge free-range pork chops – or small quails with sage and lemon, roasted on the spit; and some unstoppable tender roasted potatoes with crisp green salad. All that for €19.50, dessert included – strawberry soup with frozen yogurt from La Compagnie des Desserts, or a bowl of creamy rice pudding with dulce de leche ice cream… Yum! Dishes €14.50, menu €19.50 (lunch except Sunday and national holidays), set menus €22 to €29.50. // V.B. 

Getting there

Restaurant Froggy's Tavern
51 bis, pl. du Général-de-Gaulle
TEL: +33 3 21 86 72 32