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Restaurant Kura in ParisKura (Paris) - © Camille Pierrard

Kura (“wine shop” in Japanese) is an ode to the shadows: a neutral space with dark wood and a small sushi bar, where the Osaka-born master Yoshihiro Suzuki (ex-Issé, Bizan and Orient Extrême) works. He crafts an excellent assortment of sushi and sashimi (€24-26 at lunch), along with some admirable Japanese-garden-style bento boxes (€39). In ours, the day we went for lunch: a lovely foie gras mousse with yuzu, beef tataki, slices of Challans duck breast, a tomato in a yuzu jelly, salmon marinated in ponzu sauce, tuna (toro) and wild sea bream sashimi. It’s all served with a miso soup, white rice and a chocolate lava cake flavored with roasted green tea, and paired with a green tea ice cream to finish (€9). To drink, there are a few beautiful wines (a Chablis from the Vignoble Dampt or a white Sancerre from the Domaine Joseph Mellot, €9 a galss), and excellent Japanese whiskeys (Nikka and Yamazaki at €10 for 40 ml). Plus, there’s a small terrace when the weather’s nice. Menus €24-26 (lunch), €47-62 (dinner) and €47 (Sunday), bento €39. // C.C. 

Getting there

Restaurant Kura
56, rue de Boulainvilliers
TEL: +33 1 45 20 18 32

Subway: La Muette