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La Cabane d'Hortense

Restaurant La Cabane d'Hortense in Lège-Cap-FerretLa Cabane d'Hortense (Lège-Cap-Ferret) - © Steve Morel

Warning: this establishment was tested before the reign of Covid 19… Certain information may no longer be up to date in regards to the current situation: hours, menu, prices…

If you want to embrace the Bassin head on, go this oyster cabin with an enviable reputation, across from the Conche du Mimbeau. The décor? It’s classy, with a pine-wood-like interior, a lit fireplace, and an arbored terrace with views of the Dune of Pilat. What about the platters? Small, medium and fatty oysters from the neighboring oyster parks and the Banc d’Arguin, raised by the Lescarret family – from €18 to €21 for a dozen. But there’s also pink shrimp (€8.50), plump whelks with mayonnaise from the Poissonnerie Lucine (€8), excellent pork liver and throat pâté from Casa Lola (€6), or noir de Bigorre pork terrine from La Ferme Vignécoise in Vignec (€7). And in the ice bucket, you’ve got two options: a Graves white from the Château Graville-Lacoste (€4.50 a glass) or a Bordeaux rosé from the Château Lauduc (€19 a bottle). Oysters €9-21. // D.N. 

Getting there

Restaurant La Cabane d'Hortense
Rue des Tamaris
TEL: +33 5 56 03 26 74