Monsieur Cyclofood

Monsieur Cyclofood (Toulouse)

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Thomas Dulysse (ex-L’Empereur de Huê) used to speed through the streets of Toulouse like he would in Saigon. The luggage rack of his bike was stacked high with banh mi baguette sandwiches, filled with roasted pork, vegetables marinated in vinegar, plenty of cilantro and mayonnaise. But his legs were getting tired, so his cycling adventure ended near Saint-Sernin, in a pretty sardine box of a space with green walls and a chipboard bar. In addition to his delicious sammies (where the meat can be replaced by curried tofu, or the Toulouse option with five-spice roasted duck breast), the other day at lunch he served tasty bun bo xaos (a rice noodle salad with bean sprouts, grilled marinated beef, peanuts, cilantro and nuoc-mam sauce), peppery caramelized pork with rice and, for dessert, cookies that are crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. // A.S.

FEELING THIRSTY? Mate-flavored Charitea for €1 in the set menu option.

PRICE: Pan-fried food or buns €10.50, sandwich €5.50, desserts €2.50 to €3, set menus €9 to €15.50.

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