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Herbarium in ParisHerbarium (Paris) - Jérôme Galland

Downstairs at the brand new Hôtel National des Arts & Métiers, tucked away behind a marbled trattoria and a windowed patio, the Herbarium bar, designed by Raphael Navot (low lighting, black waffled textures, dark benches, a carbonized bar, a leather countertop), is a hideaway that dispenses with the classics. The evocative cocktail creations of Oscar Quagliarini (ex-Gocce), dreamt up as if they were perfumes, awaken your senses straight away. Take the Procrastinare (Procrastination liqueur from H. Theoria, rye whiskey, Jerry Thomas Instant vintage bitters), that’s bitter but not excessive, or the Sud Sud Sud (Bourgoin Cognac, pear and bergamot marmalade, lemon cordial, mandarin orange mousse), heavy on the citrus notes. And don’t forget about the fresh fruit virgin versions (€10) that are made to order. There’s a classic food menu as well: grilled octopus and burrata salad (€13), Tuscan ham (€14)… // A.B.

Getting there

243, rue Saint-Martin
TEL: Tél. : +33 1 80 97 22 80
Subway: Arts et Métiers, Réaumur - Sébastopol