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Une nuit... dans l'arrière boutique

Apartment Une nuit... dans l'arrière boutique in MarseilleUne nuit... dans l'arrière boutique (Marseille)

NUMBER OF ROOMS: 1 room (for two)
CLOSED ANNUALLY: Open all year round

THE STORY: A night or two in the backroom of Maison Empereur, a veritable trip back in time, what do you say? Laurence Guez, the director of Marseille’s most famous hardware store, has built a 90-square-meter bourgeois apartment decorated with a very 19th-century feel, paying homage to the boutique’s history and ancestors (it was founded in 1827). An incredibly intimate universe, where you’ll find family portraits, archives and Maison Empereur’s most iconic pieces, including a vintage cast-iron stove! But don’t worry, the beds are brand spanking new! Starting at €120 a night.

TOILETRIES: Savon de Marseille soap, of course.
INTERNET: No, time has stopped here. Make the most of these rare moments…
BREAKFAST: A coffee maker, an electric teapot, jam and butter are all at your disposal.
LITTLE LUXURY: The tote bag you’ve given upon arrival, equipped with a Maison Empereur keychain, savon de Marseille and a newspaper filled with anecdotes about the house

Getting there

Apartment Une nuit... dans l'arrière boutique
4, rue des Récolettes
TEL: +33 44 91 54 02 29