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The best cocktail bars in Paris

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Negronis, Cosmopolitans, Manhattans, Spritzes, mocktails… Discover our selection of the most original cocktail bars in Paris!

Hemingway Bar

After four years of renovations, the Hemingway Bar has finally reopened! Anyone capable of telling us what has changed inside the Ritz’s famous boudoir would be very clever indeed. Ernest Hemingway’s photos, manuscripts and safari trophies still cover the wooden paneled walls that frame the thick floral carpeting, upon which sits the inevitable small Directoire armchairs in almond-colored leather… Read more.

15, place Vendôme, Paris 1

Experimental Cocktail Club

The first winning set of aces for these silver shakers (Romée de Goriainoff, Olivier Bon and Pierre-Charles Cros), the Experimental Cocktail Club is the leader of the new generation of Parisian cocktail bars. Even if it’s (already!) ten years old, this pioneer is still in Olympic shape with its stripped walls, big Chesterfield couch and a DJ in the nook behind the old piano… Read more.

37, rue Saint-Sauveur, Paris 2

Le Mary Celeste

Once the afternoon starts to fade, seasoned cocktail lovers rush in to savor the potions whipped up by the Quixotic team (who also runs Candelaria), seated on wooden barstools around a solid-wood hexagonal bar… Read more.

1, rue Commines, Paris 3


This place is definitely connected, the sound system most of all! Located in the Haut Marais neighborhood, Mesures plays its jazz kissa score to perfection: a cocktail and music bar with French-Japanese influences, based on a very good idea distilled by mixologist Guillaume Castagnet (ex-Castor Club) and musician Benoît de Bonnefamille… Read more.

58, rue de Saintonge, Paris 3

La Mezcaleria

All of a sudden, white tiles transform into midnight blue carpeting, the stainless steel of the workspace give way to velvet… Welcome to the speakeasy at the very chic 1K Hotel, which you access via the kitchen… It’s decorated in a very Día de los Muertos manner (miniature skeletons, multicolored ribbons, colorful rugs)… Read more.

13, boulevard du Temple, Paris 3


No more three-piece suits here! Former employees at the Prince-de-Galles five-star hotel, Christopher Gaglione and his team have traded in their finery for tee-shirts, elevator jazz for hip-hop, and their luxurious past for Solera… Read more.

283, rue Saint-Jacques, Paris 5

Prescription Cosmic Theater

Opened in 2010 right in the middle of the Saint-Germain-des-Prés neighborhood, the third address from the Experimental Group (which now includes 13 bars worldwide), still looks good with its back-from-Brooklyn style (a ceiling with authentic mouldings, bartenders dressed in white collared shirts, a marble bar, vintage furniture) and its beautiful cocktail menu created by Eric (ex-Night Flight)… Read more.

23, rue Mazarine, Paris 6

Gravity Bar

From behind the waxed concrete bar, a big wooden wave washes over well-dressed night owls. The night we went, the folks behind the bar shook us up a custom concoction (Strega liqueur + cherry Maurin + nutmeg-infused Pisco and Salers gentiane for a twist on the Mezcalian Pa’Dentro, €13) and they improvised, Rat-Pack-style, a Blanton’s bourbon Negroni with artichoke liqueur… Read more.

44, rue des Vinaigriers, Paris 10

Le Syndicat

A discreet façade covered in posters, quilted curtains that dress up the rough walls, simple furniture… Despite the permanently unfinished worksite aesthetic, Le Syndicat won’t make you don a hardhat as you sip your cocktail… Read more.

51, rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis, Paris 10

Dirty Lemon

After stints at Yam’Tcha, Septime and Bonhomie, the Palestinian chef Ruba Khoury opened up a place of her own: not a restaurant, a cocktail bar! There, in the elegant space with blond wood, brass and salmon-orange velvet, bartender Brittini Rae (ex-Candelaria) offers up nine bright creations… Read more.

24, rue de la Folie Méricourt, Paris 11


Vinyls and turntable: that’s all you’ll see when you step inside Fréquence, a concept bar designed by Matthieu Biron (ex-Andy Wahloo) and Guillaume Quenza (ex-Sherry Butt). There aren’t very many bottles behind the bar, only shelves full of records stacked up to the ceiling, which the bartender shuffles through to keep the ambiance lively in between mixing cocktails … Read more.

20, rue Keller, Paris 11

Le Trés Particulier

Anymore hidden than this and you would have a problem! For starters, find the small alley in Montmartre, then the anonymous black garden door. Then, once you’re inside the velvety halls of the Hôtel Particulier, go downstairs to the Très Particulier…. Two rooms, two different ambiances… Read more.

23, avenue Junot, Paris 18


Combat, the former pseudonym for this section of Belleville, is now the standard-bearer for successful bars. Owned and run by Elena Schmitt and Margot Lecarpentier (ex-Experimental Cocktail Club), and located between a Thai restaurant and a Chinese wholesale shop, their bar isn’t lacking any (whitewashed stonewalls, a green boudoir, a tiny terrace on the downward sloping sidewalk)… Read more.

63, rue de Belleville, Paris 19


A replica of the Beirut bar by the same name, Kissproof is testing its adaptability high up in the Belleville neighborhood, 10 years after the original location was founded. The setting? A lemon-yellow facade, neon red lights, and a bar behind which you’ll find Ralph Samaha, who used to work at the Lebanese version… Read more.

50, rue de Belleville, Paris 20

La Commune

After the success of Le Syndicat, mixologists Sullivan Doh and Romain Le Mouëllic are still fighting the good fight and opened La Commune in Belleville, in November of 2016. You’ll find the same classy ambiance, with a reggae soundtrack this time around: waxed concrete walls, a veranda with undulating plastic, a green marble bar, brass chairs… Read more.

80, boulevard de Belleville, Paris 20


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