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Bar Fréquence in ParisFréquence (Paris) - © Fréquence

Vinyls and turntable: that’s all you’ll see when you step inside Fréquence, a concept bar designed by Matthieu Biron (ex-Andy Wahloo) and Guillaume Quenza (ex-Sherry Butt). There aren’t very many bottles behind the bar, only shelves full of records stacked up to the ceiling, which the bartender shuffles through to keep the ambiance lively in between mixing cocktails. The result? Motown playing in the background and a Brooklyn vibe all around you –exposed stone walls, Danish furniture, industrial lamps and raw concrete floors. Meanwhile, your tastebuds can explore no less than eight globetrotting creations (€12)! Tested and approved the night we went: a little lemony flavor bomb served in a wine glass called the Dakkhar (mezcal, yuzu liqueur, tamarind, mate andlime), followed by a Chica chica blues (pisco, chicha morada, aquafaba, ginger, lime and paprika) with faraway bitter notes. Plus, there are virgin drinks for €6 and a real kitchen serving up some snacks worthy of the name: hummus and homemade pita, pork croquettes with pickled onions… for €5. // A.B.

Getting there

Bar Fréquence
20, rue Keller
TEL: +33 1 71 32 40 35
Subway: Ledru Rollin