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Restaurant Bierbuik/Bloemeke in LilleBierbuik/Bloemeke (Lille)

After Le Vert Mont and Bloempot, Florent Ladeyn has expanded his little northern family by opening up a new spot: a kind of pub 2.0 combining a pink terrazzo bar and big tables. Known as Bierbuik (“beer belly” in Flemish), it has serious two-in-one appeal. Upstairs in the Bloemeke (“little flower”) section, the restaurant serves a set menu (€25) cooked over a wood fire, while on the ground floor, beer-heavy evenings go nicely with some finger-lickin’ good ch’tis treats. A few examples: crisp white asparagus with smoked eel mayonnaise; Leffrinckoucke lentil falafel with a wild garlic yogurt sauce; barbecued veal liver skewers sprinkled with horseradish; duck sausage with beetroot ketchup; a generous serving of fries with a Maroilles cream; before chicory soft serve ice cream with beer-infused caramel. // M.F.

FEELING THIRSTY? There are 11 types of beer in half pints or pints sold at reasonable prices, including two that are brewed onsite: the Sourdough Kettle, sown with rye sourdough (€7 for 500 ml), and a meadowsweet pilsner (€2.50 for 250 ml).

PRICE: Snacks €4-15. 

Getting there

Restaurant Bierbuik/Bloemeke
19, rue Royale
TEL: Pas de téléphone.
Website: bierbuik.fr