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Breizh Café Odéon

Restaurant Breizh Café Odéon in ParisBreizh Café Odéon (Paris) - © Philippe Servent

Adorning the white stone wall is a huge photo of Binic Harbor getting pummeled by a storm – not unlike the staff at Breizh Café Odéon who, even after two lockdowns, deal with a nonstop onslaught of hungry customers. Why are they so eager, you ask? Because of Bertrand Larcher’s authentic Breton crêpes and galettes with clever Japanese touches – tofu cream, wasabi mayo, yuzu, soy powder… For us, the day we went for lunch: a hearty Breizh Roll with button mushrooms, shiitakes, scrambled egg and Comté, with a lick of crème fraîche and Rœllinger spices; then a comforting sweet crepe with Bordier butter, brown sugar and yuzu. Other options include: a galette combining Guéméné andouille, caramelized onions, a sunny-side up egg and a mustardy cream for meat-eaters, or a flambéed crepe Suzette with Grand Marnier for all those who enjoy the classics. // A.D.

FEELING THIRSTY? There’s a superb hard cider collection – an extra dry cider from the Ferme des Landes at €14.80 a bottle, a dry Divona from Johanna Cécillon at €22, a few natural wines (La Bohème, a Melon from Marc Pesnot at €6 a glass, a Pinot noir from the Domaine Marcel Deiss at €45 a bottle…) and even a buckwheat beer from the Lancelot brewery (€8.50 for 330 ml).

PRICE: Galettes €10.50-18.50. Crepes €5.80-14.50. Prix-fixe lunch option€19(until 3pm with a glass of hard cider included). 

Getting there

Restaurant Breizh Café Odéon
1, rue de l'Odéon
TEL: + 33 1 42 49 34 73
Subway: Mabillon, Odéon