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Huître Brûlée

Restaurant Huître Brûlée in HonfleurHuître Brûlée (Honfleur) - © Le Fooding

If the future is in locavore cooking, locavore cuisine is already part of the current landscape at this spot in the beating heart of Honfleur. Inside, the spirit of the place comes from the old stone walls, while the Normandy sky invites itself to the table through the big windows. In the kitchen, Paul Lacheray and Chloé Woetschandt recreate the local territory on their beautiful plates: haddock, lentils and an egg dusted finely with kaffir lime zest; a crunchy celery, butternut squash and sunflower seed mixture rounded out by a Gorgonzola cream; a mussel and basil soup that washed over a pollack fillet like a wave; and finally, poached pear aroused with pepper. // E.R.

FEELING THIRSTY? La Joute, a natural half-Chenin, half-Chardonnay Anjou from René Mosse, Bohème, a Roussillon white from the Domaine Les Conques…

PRICE: Menu €17 (lunch), à la carte €30-50.

Getting there

Restaurant Huître Brûlée
8, rue Brûlée
TEL: + 33 9 82 57 90 18