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Le Sot l'y Laisse

Restaurant Le Sot l'y Laisse in ParisLe Sot l'y Laisse (Paris)

At the back of his very simple bistro (white walls, globular glass light fixtures), Eiji Doihara (ex-Bocuse in Tokyo) executes a very French repertoire twice a day! The night we went, the Japanese chef crafted a beautiful ode to autumn on the plates, while in the dining room, his wife Akiko showed off some beautiful sea urchins… For the appetizer, three beautiful specimens over a cushy bed of seaweed, a carrot cream and a shellfish jelly (€19); followed by some orgasmic breaded and pan-fried veal sweetbreads, paired with a lovely side of sautéed oyster mushrooms, puréed eggplant and a périgourdine sauce – veal stock, black truffles, Madera, Cognac and port (€33); followed closely with a fresh black sesame blancmange with quartered strawberries and a milk mousseline (€8). To drink, there are some wines that only dummies would leave unopened: a lively Patrimonio from Antoine Arena (€8.50 a glass), a Rully-premier-cru white from Paul and Marie Jacqueson (€9.50), and a curative Mercurey from the Domaine François Raquillet (€45 a bottle)… Set menus €21-27 (lunch), à la carte €52-71. // G.D. 

Getting there

Restaurant Le Sot l'y Laisse
70, rue Alexandre-Dumas
MOBILE: +33 6 13 53 07 19
Subway: Alexandre Dumas, Rue des Boulets , Avron