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Les Insolents

The insolent Nathan George and Kim Eberhard decided to cause some mayhem in the bourgeois village of Uzès! Inside their small buvette with arched ceilings, they shake up listless crowds with carefully selected natural wines and sensational tapas. Served on the terrace in the shade of the plane trees, the night we went: a charcuterie board of saucisson & pancetta; a lovely tomato salad with a spring onion vinaigrette; an Iberian lomo and queso sandwich; slow-roasted pork loin with boiled fingerling potatoes and sesame seeds; beautiful lamb’s brain cooked in sage butter, with briny sea beans; before an incredible chocolate/craquelin/cashew tart, or a nectarine and savory pavlova! // N.B.

FEELING THIRSTY? An incredible selection of wines: a Corbières white from the Domaine Fond Cyprès (€5 a glass), a Luberon red from Les Maoù, or an Aveyron rosé from Nicolas Carmarans (€22 for each bottle)…

PRICE: Plates €6-20.

Getting there

Restaurant Les Insolents
5 Boulevard Victor Hugo
TEL: +33 9 53 08 87 05