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Les Vieilles Canailles

With its big wine barrels at the entrance, rows of bottles and the famous Epaulé-Jeté poster by Michel Tolmer hung on the wall, the Vieilles Canailles bistro has become the #1 spot for wine-loving Aix locals and well-informed tourists. The reason for its success? The resolutely cheeky dishes dreamt up by Pierre Hochart (ex-Ducasse in Monaco) and the outstanding wines that have been carefully selected to go with them. The other day at lunch, the menu featured: a runny egg en meurette wrapped up in pancetta from Colonnata; medium-rare veal rump in a rich bordelaise sauce, with carrots and a tasty potato purée for added color – or splendid andouillette from the Ardennes bathed in a mustard sauce; before a comforting thin apple tart. // G.LeP.

FEELING THIRSTY? Only good things, with a slant towards organic viticulture: Loire Esprit Libre, a Chenin from Thomas Batardière (€6 a glass); Le Blanc, a Dordogne Sauvignon from the Château Lestignac (€34 a bottle); a Carignan from century-old vines in the Roussillon from Michaël Georget (€56)…

PRICE: Menu €19-23 (lunch), à la carte €30-45. 

Getting there

Restaurant Les Vieilles Canailles
7, rue Isolette
TEL: +33 4 42 91 41 75