Petite Île

Boulangerie Petite Île (Paris)

© Po-Hsuan

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Adventurers on the hunt for gastronomic pleasures, Gia Ongtsia and Poh Suan invite you on a gluten-rich journey! In this peaceful haven (light wood, unfinished walls, bay windows) near the Marais neighborhood, the baker duo display their French and Taiwanese specialties that are sure to catch your eye: sculptural country baguettes; plump, braided apricot-milk brioche; lingots paysans sprinkled with mango, apple and pistachios; cute honey breads; dreamy cheese and pepper ficelles; croissants and chocolate croissants with impressively flaky interiors… which pair perfectly with an espresso pulled on their chrome Marzocco machine. // Jean Pascal 

The hidden gem: A small butter and milk Taiwanese bread (€2.80) that’s light, elastic and caramelized – unlike anything else! 

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