Country Lodge

Country Lodge (Moulicent)

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NUMBER OF ROOMS: 9 cabins, 13 lodges
CLOSED ANNUALLY: Open all year round

THE STORY: Arnaud Douin made his career in Paris become moving back to Perche, where his family has had roots for four generations. On a south-facing twenty-five-hectare hillside estate, he created his hôtel de campagne, a sort of eco-village with 22 wooden lodges and cabins. At the center of it all, you’ll find the communal “Lounge” building that’s decorated with a hunter vibe (animal pelts and trophies, rustic couches, a fireplace, antiques), with a relaxation corner, a game room in the attic and an honesty bar. Expect the same boho chic décor in the cabins (48 m2, for 4 guests) and lodges (27 m2, for 4 to 6 guests), with terraces that overlook the estate. It’s the ideal spot for a family getaway, surrounded by farmyard animals, goats, sheep and ponies! Pool access planned for early May. €240 for the first night in the cabins, €160 for the second. €190 for the first night in the lodges, €130 for the second.

TOILETRIES: Shower gel and shampoo.
INTERNET: Wifi (free), only in the Lounge. Objective: disconnect!
MINI-BAR: No, but every kitchen is equipped with a Nespresso machine, an electric teapot and a few pantry staples.
LITTLE LUXURY: Getting your nourishment from organic vegetables from the neighboring Tanga farm. 

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