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La Ferme du Vent

Gîte La Ferme du Vent in Saint-Méloir-des-OndesLa Ferme du Vent (Saint-Méloir-des-Ondes) - Benoît Teillet

Best Stylish bedroom of 2017

NUMBER OF ROOMS: 5 kled accommodations
CLOSED ANNUALLY: From January 11th to February 11th, and from February 25th to March 13th 2019

THE STORY: Formed from three restored buildings with the utmost care, La Ferme du Vent, the latest member of the Roellinger family, proudly imposes its Celtic style in the Breton wilderness, facing the Cancale Bay. There, you’ll find five gîtes (renamed “kled” — which means “sheltered from the wind” in Breton) in a meticulously decorated and cozy setting that favors raw materials (whitewashed walls, wood, stone, linen), which are equipped, for the most part, with a terrace and a view of the sea. As a bonus, the Celtic baths, located in the farmhouse, extend outdoors, so you can bathe a little deeper in the countryside…. Gîtes for two starting at €275 for the first night (€200 per night afterwards).

TOILETRIES: Bains Celtiques exfoliating soap, shower gel and shampoo, a product line made with 100% natural ingredients, produced by the Roellinger family in collaboration with a cosmetology expert.
SPA: The Celtic baths, with a sauna and a hammam, are available to guests (€30 an hour per person), while the high-end planetary reflexology treatments (€120 for an hour-long treatment) are performed at La Maison de Gwenn by Gwenn Libouban, a therapist with magic hands.
INTERNET: No. The endgame is to disconnect!
BREAKFAST: Included. Freshly baked bread, a basket of viennoiseries, Breton butter, homemade jams and yogurts are delivered every morning.
MINIBAR: No, but there is a wine cellar available to guests staying in the kled accommodations, along with everything necessary to make hot or cold drinks.
LITTLE LUXURY: The exceptional view of Mont Saint Michel from the rooms.

Getting there

Gîte La Ferme du Vent
TEL: +33 2 99 89 64 76