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Coucoo Grands Cépages

Hotel Coucoo Grands Cépages in SorguesCoucoo Grands Cépages (Sorgues)

NUMBER OF ROOMS: 15 cabins
CLOSED ANNUALLY: Open all year round

THE STORY: Tucked away amongst the Châteauneuf-du-Pape grapevines, on the ecologically responsible Grands Cépages estate, you’ll find fifteen wild cabins. Some are on stilts, while others are floating on the lake or covered in vines, but they’re all decorated with a minimalist Scandinavian feel (paneled walls, big windows, light wooden furniture), equipped with private terraces and, for some of them, a miniature ecological spa. These unusual little spots, which were dreamt up by Gaspard de Moustier and Emmanuel de la Bédoyère, are true works of land-art. There’s nothing like them for an escape from the real world! As a bonus, catch an incredible sunset over the Lac de la Lionne, and coming soon, an organic infinity pool. Starting at €155 a night for two guests.

TOILETRIES: Soap, shower gel and shampoo.
INTERNET: Wifi (free)
BREAKFAST: Included, in a basket placed on your doorstep every morning, which includes bread and viennoiseries from the Sorgues bakery, jams from Vaison-la-Romaine and fresh fruit juices from Les Pressoirs de Provence in Saint-Auriol.
MINI-BAR: No, but there’s a coffee machine in every cabin.
LITTLE LUXURY: The Lavande cabin and its skylight with views of the starry night. 

Getting there

Hotel Coucoo Grands Cépages
2061 chemin des pompes
MOBILE: +33 7 87 38 02 32