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Les Piaules

Hotel Les Piaules in ParisLes Piaules (Paris)

NUMBER OF ROOMS: 34 rooms, 162 beds
CLOSED ANNUALLY: Open all year round

THE STORY: This place could have easily been named Les Turnes (which is slang for student housing), Les Cambuses (meaning a poor house)…. But they went with Les Piaules, another slang word fallen from the généargotique tree that also means student housing, certainly judged less pejorative but still working class enough to resonate with the Belleville neighborhood. Created by a trio of ex-bankers in their thirties — who already own Les Pinces — this hostel for the new generation has 154 bunk beds (with blackout curtains) spread out in rooms for 4 to 8 people, with just as many lockers and individual reading lamps…. There are seven private double rooms as well, a bar on the ground floor that’s open to the outside world, a vintage game area (a carnival punching ball, arcade machines), a salon with a fireplace and a terrace. Beds starting at €20, double rooms starting at €80 a night.

TOILETRIES: Small organic soaps from Le Baigneur, made in Montreuil, for sale at the front desk.
INTERNET: Wifi (free).
BREAKFAST: €3 for the Basic formula with a hot drink and a viennoiserie, €8 for the French formula with a hot drink, freshly squeezed orange juice, unlimited bread (+ Nutella/jam/butter), plus a crêpe or a viennoiserie, €8,5 for the Healthy formula with a hot drink, freshly squeezed orange juice, muesli and yogurt.
LITTLE LUXURY: The double rooms on the top floor, with a view of Sacré-Cœur.

Getting there

Hotel Les Piaules
59, boulevard de Belleville
TEL: +33 1 43 55 09 97