Paìsano alimentari

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Don’t skimp on the SPF if you plan on coming here, because the sunny team led by Davide Moschini and Federica Rella will fill your fridges with endless summer flavors! At this Italian deli, you’ll come across fabulous Setaro dried pasta, colorful Tipica sauces, tasty agnolotti, Vallebelbo pasta from Piedmont…. And everywhere you look, jars of tomatoes, artichokes and eggplant from Puglia, preserved by the divine growers at I Contadini. Meanwhile the window display is full of artisanal cheeses, with Taleggio tucked up against a beautiful collection of Parmesans. At the back of the shop, the pork counter shows off a mouthwatering selection of hams from Parma, Sardinia or the Marches, plus artisanal mortadella and spectacular specks. The only hiccup is that they provide plastic bags for their bulk products… // S.O. 

Hidden gem: Mozzarella from Salerno, served by the slice (normal or smoked, €2.20 for a 100 g).

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