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Au Petit Panisse

Restaurant Au Petit Panisse in ParisAu Petit Panisse (Paris)

What is panisse? Well, it’s both Fanny’s lover in Pagnol’s Trilogie marseillaise (a little culture for our millenial readers), and also a French specialty made with fried chickpea flour, gobbled up between Nice and Marseille. Seated on bistro chairs at this patrimonial bistro, the food at Petit Panisse never disappoints – and it’s not all southern either! Just take the day we went for lunch and the very nice €21 prix-fixe menu: an excellent zucchini soup devoured down to the very last drop thanks to some outstanding homemade bread; juicy chicken surpême that evoked healthy grain-fed chickens running around big open spaces, served with pointy cabbage, apples, pancetta and a sweet and sour jus – our plate wiped clean again thanks to their delicious bread; before fromage blanc, honey from the Jura, citrus oil and toasted buckwheat for the very serious dessert! At night, it’s the same “back-from-the-market”-style cuisine, with dishes like line-caught mackerel, raw cream, herring roe and fennel, which you can enjoy like a regular. Because at this rate, they’re likely to be seeing you again soon. // J.-N.F.

FEELING THIRSTY? Almost entirely natural: a sunny Roussillon Carignan from Loïc Roure (€6.50 a glass), CBGB, an Auvergne Gamay from Vincent Marie (€42 a litron) or a Tarn white from Laurent Cazottes (€32 a bottle).

PRICE: Menus €17-21 (weekday lunch), à la carte €29-54 (dinner).

Getting there

Restaurant Au Petit Panisse
35, rue de Montreuil
TEL: +33 1 43 71 37 90
Subway: Faidherbe - Chaligny, Rue des Boulets