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Restaurant Carabasse in BeaulieuCarabasse (Beaulieu) - © Yann Espenel

When you come here, be sure to close your eyes and listen to the sheep bleating in the nearby field! With deep roots in the Ardèche terroir, Yann and Christelle Espenel have your locavorite cure in their barn-turned-restaurant with big stone arches or in the lovely priest’s garden. Served à la carte the day we went: a rustic and locally produced figatellu with a fine homemade cream of artichokes and olive oil to stimulate your appetite; beautiful roasted eggplant paired with trout fillet and roe, barely tickled by a passion fruit vinaigrette (€10); veal fillet from the Ferme des Allignols, perfectly cooked and highlighted by a wild peppercorn reduction, fresh peas and pearl barley (€20); before peaches poached in hibiscus, with a crumble topping, pecans and a rich scoop of licorice ice cream (€6). The wine collection is eminently local, organic and natural: a fine, round Vermentino-Roussanne from Salel et Renaud (€4.50 a glass), a round Merlot from Le Mas de l’Escarida (€5), or a seductive red Zig-Zag from Les Deux Terres (€23 a bottle). À la carte €21-36. // G.D. 

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Restaurant Carabasse
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