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Restaurant Clamato in ParisClamato (Paris)

An ode to seafood in Septime’s marine annex! Once you’ve walked past the terra cotta pontoon, navigate your way between the tables in alcoves and the varnished bar before casting your anchor wherever possible! In Bébert and Théo’s intimate ship hold, we squeeze in as the tide rises, to catch delicious dishes made by the executive chef Erika: octopus with chickpeas and lemon confit in an utterly capsizing star anise vinaigrette (€13); diver scallop carpaccio marinated in Kombu seaweed and drizzled in olive oil from Cédric Casanova, with sunchoke chips and raw cream (€19); breaded black pollack filet-o-fish in a homemade potato bun, moistened by an electric tartar sauce (€10); and a classic clamatarte for the finale, an insane maple syrup tartelette (€8)! Wash it all down with a glass of orange wine Dinavolino from Denavolo (€7) or a sublime glass of Metisse from Oliver Horiot (€12). Plates €7-30. Shellfish platters around €60. // G.L.P.

Getting there

Restaurant Clamato
80, rue de Charonne
TEL: +33 1 43 72 74 53
Subway: Faidherbe - Chaligny, Voltaire, Charonne